Cattery - A Habitat for Cats Preserving Wonderful Species

What is a cattery?
Catteries are places where cats are commercially kept and taken care of. The catteries can be categorized into two basic categories: boarding catteries and breeding catteries. The cats are brought to the catteries only when the owners are not available to look after their cats, and therefore rely on such lodgings to cater to the well being, shelter, and other requirements are taken care of such as food, water, drinks and many more.
Why are catteries important?
  • The basic purpose of a cattery is to ensure the safety and security of the cats, and to conserve such wonderful species.
  • The temporary housing for cats facilitates the suitable environment similar to the home, where the cats can sustain their life freely, and are well protected within the accommodation.
The concepts of boarding catteries and breeding catteries
The boarding catteries are also known as cat boarding kennels .The boarding catteries are the places where the cats are kept for a temporary span of time, when they cannot stay with their owners, especially in the instance where the owner is going out for a vacation. Some other situations for their use are when some construction work is being conducted in the house, or if there is any kind of emergency or crisis situation. It is compulsory for the owners to look after their cats and be responsible for their sustenance. The cat boarding kennels possess the suitable surroundings and conditions, where the cats can grow and develop in a healthy manner. All the life supporting essentials are present in such catteries, and the authorities also take charge of the cats in such situations which call for medical attention.

The breeding catteries are the places where the cats are bred. The breeding of cats can be done either as a passion or hobby, or for the sole purpose of earning profits by selling cats. There are many cat charities and organizations which have established the standards for the member breeders. The breeding catteries are well known for their healthy environments that possess the suitable breeding conditions of the cats.  With their proper care and attention, the cats stay healthy and happy in that environment.

Setting up a cattery
In order to come up with one’s own cattery, it is important to conduct a thorough research about catteries and attain enough knowledge of various requirements that are essential for setting up a cattery. The legal matters should be primarily considered prior to establishing catteries. In the context of ascertaining a new cattery, the following measures can be taken.
  • First and foremost, it is vital to pay a couple of visits in the catteries located in the nearby areas. By having a look at the design, model and structure of the catteries, one can easily formulate new ideas on how he or she wants the cattery to look like.
  • The area must be prepared for the cats to stay and maintain life in their natural way. It has to be ensured that there is sufficient light and air within the rooms. Proper ventilation is also of prime importance. This will keep the cats fresh and lively.
  • The area should be well maintained and kept clean. The floors must be washed on a regular basis to avoid the presence of dirt or any harmful particles on the floor. This process will ensure that the cat is healthy.
  • The cages must be arranged and proper food and drink must be present at all times. The kittens must be handled with great care.  
Doing careful research and following the above mentioned points will ensure that the cattery is set in a proper way, and the cats enjoy their surroundings to the full.
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