How to Get Your Alfresco Builder to Create a Stunning Alfresco In Your Home?

If you are a homeowner and an outdoor enthusiast, it is time to create that perfect enviable space called alfresco.

Reasons for considering adding an alfresco to your home
There are many reasons why you should contact an alfresco builder.
  • Alfresco is a delightful open space of your home that can create a feeling of warmth by allowing filtered rays of sun in, and blocking rain and wind
  • Get your alfresco builder to add a water feature and every time you feel like it step out into the spectacular space to relax and unwind
  • Completely eliminate the worry of bad weather and enjoy hosting exciting parties in your alfresco accentuated home throughout the year
  • Add value to your property by creating the permanent weather proof indoor-outdoor environment
  • An alfresco is a perfect area where we can build a niche for a fully appointed kitchen, a gas fire and even a flat television screen
Consider the purpose before you contact an alfresco builder
Before handing over the project to a reputed and reliable alfresco builder, it is imperative to consider the purpose.
  • Will the alfresco be used more by the children in your home?
  • Do you have an idea about how you will use this space when the weather is not warm anymore?
  • Will the area be used to host big parties?
  • Will the financial and aesthetic value of your home appreciate with the addition of the alfresco?
After considering the above aspects and having decided to contact the best alfresco builder, it is now perfect time to create stunning outdoor space complementing the indoor space of your home.

Identifying the right alfresco location
With the help of the alfresco builder, you must first look at the home plan and identify the right location to construct the alfresco.
  • The location you choose must help maximize natural elements such as views, winds and sunlight
  • If the area you choose has strong winds from one particular direction, then the traditional two-walled alfresco might not be a good option
  • Skilled alfresco builders will give you vital inputs on designing the best space if you already have an existing spa or pool
Choose the right materials to construct the alfresco
  • It goes without saying that the alfresco you construct must exquisitely complement the existing design and decor of your home
  • Work with the alfresco builder to identify the right material that will add harmonious aesthetic value to your living space
  • Depending on the existing architecture and your specific preference, you can choose from a range of materials such as polished concrete, stone, and recycled timbers.
  • Timber, especially varieties such as red gum and jar rah timber can be used to add style and warmth to the alfresco area
  • Today the market is flooded with choice of durable slip-resistant tiles and luxurious pavers
  • For the overhead, you can choose from a plethora of creative styles complementing the theme of your home
  • Add glamour to the alfresco with a sleek semi-gloss ceiling or create a unique ceiling with timber paneling
  • Gain enhanced control over light, shade, heat and ventilation in the outdoor space using the latest louvers available in the market
  • Home owners can also make a strong style statement using the latest architecturally attractive sleek and contemporary designs
Other unique additions you can consider for the alfresco space
  • You can take the help of expert alfresco builder to create a perfect dining and also make space for traditional enhancements such as rugs, sculptures, artwork, mirrors and chandeliers
  • Exquisite light fittings can be complemented with green walls created using wall-hung plants
  • Dimmable LED lights can be creatively used on the alfresco walls to enhance sculptures and artwork
This is how you create a stunning alfresco space with the help of a reliable and talented alfresco builder. Contact Edge Concept or Click here to get some useful information about alfresco in Eaglemont, Ivanhoe and Templestowe.

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