Check Out the Pros and Cons of Installing a Flat Pack Kitchen in Your Home

You might be eyeing a new modular kitchen but have you ever given a thought to the process in which it should be assembled? This is a major feature in today’s life as modular kitchens have become a necessity in most households. There are two types of kitchens and they are rigid and flat pack kitchens. As more and more people opt for kitchens which are pre-assembled and can be fitted into an apartment, flat pack kitchens are in vogue. Basically these contain boxes of different parts which can be assembled into a kitchen if you have a screw driver and some cork screws. Flat pack kitchen cabinets have the advantage of having a relatively hassle-free mode of transporting a kitchen into the house.
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What are the benefits of a flat pack kitchen?
  • First and foremost, you are saving up on your expenses if you choose to install a flat pack kitchen. This is because these can actually be assembled by yourself and you would save porter charges if you do not want to transport a bulky rigid kitchen to your apartment. Instead of that, bringing parts into your house and assembling them will save you the cost of a mechanic as well. But beware! Not following instructions can lead to damages.
  • Secondly, the most obvious advantage is that, flat pack kitchens can be assembled anywhere. This is due to the fact that these kitchens have parts which can be assembled manually. Manual assembly would mean that the bulky kitchen need not be transported up a steep flight of stairs nor is it prone to damage during the transport.
  • Flat pack kitchen cabinets have the added advantage of being manufactured according to your specifications. You might think that these are available in particular sizes and can be bought as one buys furniture from a supermarket, but that is not true. While they are pre-assembled most of the time, the manufacturers will take your specifications into account and make sure that your flat pack kitchen fits the wall of your home.
  • You would only need an experienced mechanic to fit a flat pack kitchen for you. You do not need to hire mechanics from the showroom.
  • You might be thinking that just because this type of kitchen does not follow the gum and screw method of rigid kitchens, it will not be as strong. Well, flat pack kitchens are just as strong and rigid and have the same warranty period.
  • If you find it very difficult to transport rigid kitchens into your apartment up a long flight of stairs, then you can certainly opt for the other kind as they are way more portable.
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Disadvantages of flat pack kitchens:
  • The first advantage can turn out to be the disadvantage for people who are not good with engineering. As flat pack kitchen cabinets have a lot of pre-drilled holes and corkscrews that fit each hole, it is extremely necessary for its owner to be handy with tools.
  • Not reading instructions carefully will result into a structure that will look unsightly. As these are loaded with instruction manuals one needs to follow each instruction carefully without losing interest.
  • The corkscrews and holes will be visible from the sides. This is because, as compared to rigid kitchens, flat pack kitchen cabinets do not use gum to paste the parts together. As holes are drilled into the cabinets, they are joined by gum so they remain visible even after completion of the cabinets. Thus it is considered as a cheap option by many.
  • As this process follows the cam and dowel method, cams are easily visible to people’s eyes when they walk into the kitchen. Metal cams are not a pleasant sight to behold so many people opt for rigid kitchens because of this.
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