Steps for Drape Cleaning At Home

Now a day’s people are more concerned about the interior decoration of their home. Most of the people prefer curtains as the best part for their interiors. Drapes and curtains are an important part of modern homes and so it is essential to maintain them properly. After decorating the home with stylish and elegant curtains, they also need proper maintenance. While cleaning the drapes and curtains, one should take help of professional company. Clients can also wash their drapes at home also.  However, they need to have a systematic approach towards the process in order to have the best possible results. There are certain steps that users must follow in they want to have company like cleaning at home. Drape cleaning at home can be done easily if clients know what to do after what.
  • Preparation: Preparation is the initial step. During this stage, one has to collect the drapes from their original places. One should take care that certain fixations like pins and hangers are removes properly from the drapes. It is essential to remove all these stuffs before starting the cleaning process. . Presence of these products in the drape cleaning container can resist the cleaning process from delivering the desired result. Often these products have extra colors on them which may pass on to the drapes in course of the process.
  • Washing: This is the second step in drape cleaning. In this part the drapes are to the cleaned from top to bottom. It is always better to clean the loose dust and dirt with the help of vacuum cleaner prior to introducing water in the process. However, for drapes it is always better to use Luke warm water so that the accumulated dirt can be rinsed properly. However, there are some drapes that require dry clean and so clients have to be very careful during the cleaning process. Even if the upper fiber can withstand rigorous cleaning process, the inner lining may be too weak to go through the process. Hence, clients should rinse the entire thing quite gently so that the fibers do not tear apart. Since last few years, specific drape cleaning machines have also been introduced in the market. Therefore client can also make use of such machines in order to have a best service.
  • Post wash care: This is the third and final step in drape cleaning. After the cleaning process is over the drapes should be dried properly. It is better to avoid direct sunlight so that the fabric can retain its color and brightness. Drying in the air under a shade is the best option for clients. Clients can also iron the drapes if they want. However, it is better to avoid ironing as the heat may take a toll on the health of the fabric. It is advisable to use the drapes only after they have dried completely. This would increase the longevity of the product.
Cleaning drapes at home can be a tedious and time consuming job but those who want to save money can easily go for it. By following these simple steps of drape cleaning one can easily wash these products. Different kinds of drapes are made of different fabrics and so clients have to be very careful while cleaning them. It is needless to mention that different kinds of fabrics require different kinds of approach and so clients have to know what approach they should follow. In most of the cases drapes manufacturers provide washing information with their products. It is better for clients to read the information before taking the products to the washing room. It is quite obvious that as drapes are an important constituent of modern homes clients have to be very careful regarding the washing procedure. They can take the help of a professional expert if need be. Moreover, they can also go through the internet in order to know more about the procedures.
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