Timber Shutter’s World Through Your Windows

Doors and Windows are like the face of your house. Don’t you want to decorate them with your heart? Yes! Shutters - They are one of the ways of adding style, beauty and value to your wonderful home. And what more than Timber shutters?

Timber shutters are window frames and louvers made from soft woods or hard woods. The louvers may or may not be fixed. The newer ones coming into the markets have operable louvers through which the amount of air, heat and light coming into the house can be controlled.

As far as window shutters are concerned there are some of options that you can consider regarding the materials. Plastics, Aluminum, Timber are some of them.

 Why should we go for Timber shutters?

Timber shutters are a good choice for the following reasons. 

  •     They are very stylish and can be used in place of curtains.
  •         Acts as a decorative piece too.
  •          Have excellent insulant properties, which mean reduced heating and cooling in the house.
  •          Translates to lower power bills.
  •          Filter and reduce the noise coming into the house
  •          Let in optimal sunlight and heat into the house
  •          Very environment friendly unlike other non bio degradable like Plastics
  •          Enhance the aesthetic look of the house
  •          Increases the value of the house. Houses with Red Cedar Wood shutters are most seeker in countries like Australia
  •          Can be used as partitions or dividers inside the house
  •          Provide additional security to the house 
However there are some not so favorable too in using Timber shutters. 
  •          They are expensive compared to aluminum and plastic shutters
  •          They need re-painting every now and then
  •          Not the best choice for out-door or water prone area as they tend to absorb moisture
  •          They are subject to fading. 

Raw materials for making Timber shutters 
There are wide ranges of timber trees that are ideal for making timber shutters. They are broadly classified into three main categories depending on the shutter quality that is best suited for:

Premium variety softwoods like Red Cedar. When used it gives the most stylish look to the homes. It insulates home better and lowers the power loss. It is the most preferred and durable wood for making shutters. However, they are little expensive than others but come for generations together. Due to its light-weight it easily fits into extra large windows.

·        Durable hardwood variety like Basswood and Phoenix wood. They give the same finish and style like the Red cedar but at a lesser price. Basswood is acoustic. They are lightweight. So, budget conscious persons can go for this type of shutters.

·        Composite wood – like MDF. They are very easy to make and impermeable to water. So, this makes it an obvious choice for toilets, outdoors and places directly in contact with water. However, they are not very stiff like the solid woods and also heavier than them.

Having made our choice of wood, we continue to see how we can take care of timber shutters to increase their longevity.

Any use of soap or corrosive solution is going to take away the shine from them. The best way to clean them is to use damp cloth, not wet but damp cloth. Clean them once in two weeks. Use toothbrush to clean the crevices, this routine can be performed once a month. As long as they remain dust free and moisture free they come for years together. Occasional coat of paint will help retain the shine on them too.

Though the initial investment in them is little high in the long run they prove to be low cost as the power bills are reduced considerably. So choose the right timer shutter for your home window with different characteristics and advantages.

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