Benefits of LED Flood Lights over Halogen Flood Lights

Flood lights are in use from an ancient time. Basically the term flood means in excess. Flood lights are those lights which actually provide a lot of light. In a stadium we often find that the night is turned into day with lights from all the corners of the field. All this happens only because of flood lights. Because of this invention, sports are being scheduled outside the daytime. Other than stadiums, they are also used for stage lightning. In huge events that occur under the open sky, lights are required in much amount. In those cases, flood lights are of great use.

Floodlight and its use
  • Basically, LED flood light are broad beamed and high intensity lights that are invented by us. These are portable in nature which allows them to be carried from one place to another.
  • This feature is very important for the temporary events which require good lighting. Most of the sport grounds which do not have a permanent flood light system make use of temporary flood lights. 
  • The larger the flood light, the larger is the responsibility for its maintenance. The larger flood lights also have an option to change the damaged bulbs or maintain the existing ones.
  • This is generally available in the permanent ones because the bulbs that are not working are changed easily. The maintenance and changing of the bulbs requires some professional and technical skill and cannot be done by anybody.
Benefits of LED flood lights:
Flood lights are not new things that are being used but with the advancement of technology, many different things have been used to increase its efficiency and output. After the popular halogen flood lights, the recent technology that has been incorporated into the flood lights is LED. LED has become very popular in these days since their result in terms of the power consumption is just awesome. Let us compare both the above technologies and see why using LED flood lights is a better option.
  • Energy saving- The main advantage of LEDs is the energy saving factor. Flood lights generally remain turned on for almost about 12 hours all days in a week. The lumen output of a 1500 watt halogen floodlight is about 33000 Lm but the lumen output of a 400 watt LED flood light is 40000 Lm. Just think about the electricity bill saving just with the change of technology.
  • Greater Longevity- The time span of an LED flood light is much greater than the equivalent halogen flood light. Now a days, you will also get LED variants of these lights that do not need any tool for the maintenance which on the other hand would decrease the time that is needed for the work. The average lifetime of a LED Floodlight is 50000 hours.
  • Better quality- The lighting effect that a LED can provide cannot be matched with the halogen equivalent. This means you will have to use less number of lights to create the same effect than you would need for the halogen flood lights. So, you save up a lot of money as they also consume less power which is again an added advantage. Not only you get a better quality in lighting but also save a lot with its installation.
The LED flood lights are used not only for domestic purposes but they are also used for commercial sectors. These lights provide an enhanced amount of security as they are bright, and they are used during festive occasions also, to lighten the environment. You can find cost-saving option as far as LED lights are concerned, and with these you can surely light up a wide area in your domestic or commercial premises. 
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