Features and Types of Air Conditioning System

Despite the high expense of the air conditioning systems, they are getting popular day by day. A large number of people find them as the ideal option to get relief in the hot summer days at home. The purpose behind the buying of this costly equipment varies from one individual buyer to another, ranging from necessity to luxury. Besides, most of the models are structured with alluring designs in addition to their spectacular features. Hence, their aesthetic value can easily transform the mundane look of the home into an interesting one.
Air Conditioning
Numerous features of a branded air conditioning system: 
There are many home owners who desire for this cooling systems but do not feel enough confident due to the fear of high electricity bill. But now there are several contemporary designs which help them to relax comfortably in warm climates without consuming much power. Some of the important features of these units are: 
  • Maintain suitable temperature and humidity
  • Supply adequate scope of ventilation
  • Remove the harmful air micro-organisms
  • Help in cooling or heating the rooms.

Different types of air conditioning system: 
The earlier versions of the air conditioning systems have been used only to reduce the air temperature present in the room. But the updated versions can be used for various other applications and so, they are bought by following some strict parameters. The modern manufacturers have modeled these appliances based on the dimensions of the room and the total volume of heat generated in the room. 

However, there are dozens of stores both online and offline which will enable the customers to choose their products based on their personal preferences. Here is a detailed list of the different types of air conditioning systems which are used in trend recently. 
  1. Split air conditioner – It includes two separate parts – indoor and outdoor units and among them the indoor unit will be installed within the room and the outer one outside the room. The outdoor unit comprises of parts like condenser, expansion valve and compressor while the indoor one include cooling fan and cooling coil. The most interesting fact is that the consumers do not have to make any slot in the wall to place this unit. Moreover, it does not block too much space unnecessarily enhancing the charm of the home decor. 
  2. Window air conditioner – For single rooms, the buyers mostly prefer window air conditioner and all its components extending from expansion coil, condenser to compressor, cooling coil are found to be packed up in a single box. The users have to make a wall slot in their rooms to fit this unit or it can be effortlessly fitted in the windows. This type of air conditioner has not that appealing looks as noticed in split air conditioner. 

The centrally air-conditioned zones like multiplexes and shopping malls:
Mostly, the centrally-operated air conditioning system is found to be centrally positioned in the multi-storied buildings like office, hospitals, hotels, institutions, movie theatres etc. It is best option to spread cool air to a large area evenly saving huge expenses. The central air condition system consists of a large compressor which has the capacity to cool an extended space.  

What are the features of a packaged air conditioner?
This packaged model is brought home when the consumers want to cool more than two rooms. In addition to the home, it is also used in certain offices leaving them the scope to save both money and power consumption. The diverse range of components present in this unit is seen to be housed either in a single box or a case. The cool air is thrown to the targeted spaces through a quality blower.

So, now you can easily select your preferred air-conditioning system from the online stores also. They not only provide you with an array of options, but you can also pay them through easy installments. Let’s have look here and get more features about air conditioning.
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