How Can Frosted Window Films Help Your Home?

Frosted glass window films have become very popular among home owners, and many interior designers recommend these. Also known as “Window Clings”, these can be applied onto windows to get a frosted glass effect. These are an ideal solution for people who need some amount of privacy in their lives, but would not like to miss out the refreshing sunlight entering their rooms and serving as natural source of light for them. While outsiders can see windows with lovely patterned glasses, people within the home can get enough light and heat. Find out how frosted window films can help your home.

These help in energy consumption

Other than providing people with privacy, window films can save energy. These are able to lower carbon footprint. Today, a wide range of frosted films are available which can help in energy efficiency. During summer season, these prevent the entry of heat into homes from the outside. Applying these can reduce your AC bills by a significant measure. However, there is passive solar heat gain for homes during the winter season which leads to an increase in monthly bills. Temperatures within homes can be maintained, and heating costs are lowered as a result.
Frosted Window Film

These assist in giving UV-protection

These films can reject solar energy by a huge 99%. Once a window film is directly applied onto glass, it is able to block UV rays in an effective way. There are no risks of skin problems resulting from UV rays, and people residing in homes can stay safe completely. The warm sunlight can be enjoyed as a natural source of light, without health problems resulting from excessive sun exposure. For a long time to come, these can preserve the appearance of:
  • Furnishings
  • Carpets
  • Window coverings

These are affordable to replace

As compared to glass, these are more cost effective to replace. Unlike real frosted, stained or etched glass windows, frosted films can be maintained more easily. Even with a soft cloth and regular glass cleaner, these can easily be maintained. If a replacement is wished for in order to have a change in the pattern or color, it can be done affordably.
Frosted Window Film

These can add elegance to rooms

The films come in varied colors, prints and patterns and windows can immediately be transformed into the focal region of any room. There are stunning films available with very attractive patterns such as stained glass art, autumn leaf or etched glass. Such kinds of films are used on:
  • Sunroom windows
  • Skylights
  • Patio French doors
  • Front door panes
  • Bathroom windows
Many home owners get inspired from examples of frosted glass samples in magazines, TV shows and websites and can order similarly designed films without burning a hole in their pockets.

These can be placed anywhere

Unlike glasses, blinds and curtains, frosted films are designed to withstand steam, heat and moisture. This is the reason why these can be placed anywhere in homes, which include the bathrooms. Many homeowners can safely apply these on the windows and doors of their bathrooms. As compared to blinds and curtains, the use of window films makes the room appear larger instead of smaller.

These offer better protection

In case of an intrusion, simply shattering the glass will not be enough for intruders to gain access to your home. The film will hold the glass shards together, and they will also need to take the film down. This will be an unanticipated hindrance for them, and they might be prevented from proceeding with their plans. This has been proven in many instances of robberies, which further shows why many homeowners are going for frosted window films.

Moreover, if you want to know more about frosted films then visit this link, you’ll get all the information.
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