Should you opt for VW Service Centers or Local Ones?

The VW service centers offer you with high quality service and since it is a company enterprise, they do not let you down on the service factor too. But here the question is that they turn out to be a little more expensive compared to the regular service centers. There are a lot of factors attributed to the same. So here is a gist on whether you should opt for these company certified centers that turn out to be expensive or head to the regular ones that may offer you lower prices but there is always a risk. Here is a comparative overview-
VW Service Centre
  • The first thing that you must consider here is that your precious Volkswagen is no other car. It is a symbol of luxury and it is something that is close to your heart. So do you really want to take a chance with a vehicle like this? It is highly recommended that at least during the initial few years, you should not take your car anywhere else other than the VW service centers.
  • Over here, you are covered for insurance at least for the first few years. This makes it easier to bear the cost. Also, the initial years are the most crucial when it comes to car repair and maintenance. If you are taking your car to any local garage or place, there is a risk of losing these original parts. You may not be aware of this, but such scandals and scams do exist and you might just lose out on the entity of your car. So as a thumb rule, don’t take this risk at least for the first few years. 
  • Another important aspect to keep in mind when deciding between the company VW service centers and a local one would again be insurance. Remember that most reputed insurance companies only handle or provide insurance as long as you are signing up with the company or sending your car there. They do not encourage you to send your vehicle to local garages because of this fear that the process of repairs only begins. Hence, by losing out on your insurance, you are only adding to higher costs and not gaining much in the long run.
  • When it comes to quality service, there is no doubt that with a reputed VW service center, you are getting precisely that. Be it any kind of issue, you will always have customer care available at your disposal and in case of unhappy or unsatisfied service, you can get another session for free. These are not benefits that any local garage or vendor will provide you. When a company has a reputation to protect and especially a German brand like this, quality is an important thing on their mind. To ensure that your vehicle runs smooth is like praise for them.
VW Specialist
In some cases, people do opt for local garages over these VW service centers but that is really not suggested. In most cases, as mentioned above, the quality of care that you get will not be the same. Even the color options available for polishing and coloring your car are not the same. In fact, you might as well as just get your car scratched or bumped into. So in the long run, yes the VW service centers might turn out to be a slightly higher or pricier option but you also benefit because the life and durability of your car is increased. So think of your long-term focus and enjoy the ride with reputed centers.

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