Simplest and easiest way to clean your blocked toilets

Bathroom and toilets are an essential part of every house and commercial buildings. Humans frequently make use of such places and thus it is quite obvious that due to one or the other reason it can get clogged. There can be many reasons for toilet clogging. Some of the reasons responsible for blocking of a toilet are mentioned below.
blocked drains Donvale
blocked drains Donvale

1. Low flow lavatory- People keep on flushing toilet papers and also other non-flushable stuff to dispose it down. Practicing such things for a long time can create a problem of toilet clogging. It can be more complicated when efficient cleaning of toilet pipes is not facilitated. Sometimes, older and weaker toilet pipes can also cause the blockage.

2.  Accumulation of deposits from hard water- if you receive hard water supply in your homes and offices then it is but obvious that silt deposits can be seen. Such accumulation may lead to pipe clogging. In order to deal out with this problem, you can use the muriatic acid mix with a large amount of water. Leave this mixture for at least ½ hour in a toilet and then flush it out. It will save your problem of blocked toilet well.

3. Blocking of trap- Usually S-shaped trap in fitted between toilet bowl & drain line. This trap prevents the drain from clogging. Whenever toilets paper or any other objects get struck in the trap, blockages might take place leading to overflowing of toilet. In such situation, you can make use of plunger which has rubber covering and can be easily pushed up and down from its handle.

4.  Clogging in drain line- It is often seen that due to any object or any kind of buildup can clog the drainage pipe. Water supply is chocked to sewage tank. Make use of the chemical solution in this type of situation. Regular use of such cleaning agents will avoid the problems of toilet clogging as well.
drain cleaning Wonga Park
drain cleaning Wonga Park

Prevention of toilet clogging- 

Cleaning blocked toilet could become a messy and a stressful task for many. For proper working of a toilet and avoiding water damage, you can follow few simple and easy instructions. Flushing of napkins, floss, diapers, plastic, paper towels, medicines and feminine products is avoided. After using the toilet you can make use of flush. Appropriate chemical solutions can also be used from time to time to clean drainage pipes. You can place soaps, combs, toilet papers and other toilet accessories properly in small bathroom cabins. You can even seek professional help when it seems that the clogging is getting worse.

In case there is overflow of water, place newspaper or paper towels all around the toilet floor. This will help in absorbing overflowing water.

Home remedies for cleaning the choked toilets-

 1. You can create a chemical solution by using items which are easily available at your home. Create a mixture of baking soda along with vinegar in hot water. Allow this solution to stand in your toilet for a night. Flush this mixture in the morning in order to clear the entire blockage in drainage pipe.

2. You can also use plumbing snake. Pull down this flexible snake into the drainage pipe unless you reach the obstructions. Twist down it for many times. Pushing the obstruction with help of flexible plumbing snake can be of great help in clearing away the blockage.

3. Wire coated hanger- You will find cloth hanger in wardrobe of every home. Just straighten the hanger and place it inside the clogged pipe. By rotating it in anti-clock and clockwise direction you can clear out the obstruction in the drainage pipe. Immediately flush the toilet for clearing the water supply to sewage tank.
If you are worried about suffering from a blocked drain then get help from a professional to get rid of the problem.

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