Designing Functional Laundry Cupboards

It goes without saying that the laundry rooms are a busy place like the kitchen. Be it small or big, it can be extremely chaos if unorganized. Installing the laundry cupboards can certainly take out a major chunk of the commotion. One can put away all the clothes and accessories based on their choices and use them. Pulling them out when needed or even when you are running late is made easier with the cupboards.

However, there is a way of choosing and organizing the laundry cupboards. You will have to carefully pick out sections. Here is a list of units that you will need within the cupboards or around it.
laundry cupboards melbourne
Laundry Cupboards


The laundry cupboards surely need the shelves to keep your clothes. They will help you to segregate clean clothes from the dirty ones. You will also need a space to store all your laundry supplies like detergents, fabric softener, stain removers etc. Only when everything is neatly arranged in their place, you will be able to access them.


Many people tend to go overboard in allotting the storage space in their laundry cupboards. You need to be practical about the things that you will be using in the future and the one that you will not be using at all. The simplest measure is to create a practical space. Allocate sections to each individual of your family. One cannot extend beyond a limit. This way, space is maintained neat and tidy.

Hangers and Hooks

Not many realize the importance of hooks and hangers.  They will spare you some space that usually fills up and you wonder where to put the clothes. However, just like you allocate the storage for each member, you need to be strict about the hooks and hangers.

Washing Cart

You will not want to keep the dirty clothes out in the open for people to see. Hence, you can neatly design a section within the laundry cupboards just for washing carts. This way, when you do not have time for washing, you can push your clothes in this bin. It will help you to organize even the clothes that are not clean. Most importantly, the unwashed clothes would not mix with the washed and clean ones.

Trash Bin

It is best to have a trash bin in every laundry room. You may never know what might come out of your pockets. You will not want the dirt lying on the floor or keep it somewhere to spread the germs. Also, you might be in the mood to clean your washing machine. This bin will help you trash the lint or other disposable things.

Ironing Board

Depending on the size of the ironing board, you will invest in the cupboards that will allow you to store the iron and board. The board or the iron will not clutter the space and you will be able to maintain it clean. When you are left with some space, you will be able to use it creatively.

Chair or Table

If you are left with ample space, you can go for a chair and table. If you do not have any other work then laundry, you can catch up on reading or listen to music while you sit on the chair. For this, you can place any piece of furniture in the laundry room. You can even engage in your hobby with the spare time you are left with.
laundry cupboards melbourne
Laundry Cupboards
When you care for these simple elements, you will be able to come up with functional cupboards for your laundry room.
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