Get an Idea on The Different External Window Shutters Available

When you get your dream home, you make sure you stay comfortable in the beautiful place. The external shutters are ideal for protecting the space and adding beauty to the house at the same time. As the name suggests these shutters are usually on the exterior side on windows and are of various styles and made out of different materials. The external window shutters basically fall into two categories which are protective and decorative. The protective shutters offer protection from bad weather conditions including rain, storm and hail. You can choose the chic and contemporary styles of design under this section to add glamour to the house. However, the decorative shutters are only used to enhance the beauty of your home and do not work against any weather conditions.
External Shutters
External Shutters

Benefits of using external window shutters

  • Great looks: The external shutters looks appealing when installed on the windows. It can display the full window when fully opened and when closed the shutters add the contemporary charm to the place. You can choose the one from wide range of styles available that can suit your d├ęcor and style.
  • Protection: The external window shutters can protect the indoors of the house from dust, water and light. Whether you need protection from sunlight and heat in the summer or rain or cold winds, you can trust these shutters. These can be ideal for places that experience extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Security: The window shutters can be used to provide security from break-ins and theft as they are difficult to open from outside. You can add extra security layer along with lock or alarm system to make the house even more secured.
  • Privacy: When the shutters are pulled down it makes it impossible for anybody from outside to peep into the room. You can control the amount of light to pass by opening the shutters at certain angle.
  • Customized: You can always customize the shutters according to your need to enjoy all the benefits as per your liking.

Types of external window shutters

There are four types of window shutters made out of different materials for exterior use.
Exterior Shutters
Exterior Shutters
  • Louvered: These kinds of external shutters have angled slats that provide a classic look to the house and allow air and light to easily pass through them. These can be ideal for elaborated or classical styles of houses like Victorian, Georgian, Federal and Colonial etc.
  • Panel: Raised panel shutters are low profiled shutters that can fit into any style and looks charming. There could be single or double raised panel just like doors or cabinets in the kitchen. All kinds of homes including Victorian, French Country, Federal, Georgian, and many more can have this kind of shutters.
  • Board and Batten: Also called as B&B, this style of shutter can create a traditional and rustic look in the house with their simple design. You can team such shutters with houses that have French Country, Mediterranean and Cape Cod or Ranch style.
  • Bermunda: Bermunda or Bahama shutters are similar to Louvered shutters but are fixed on the top of the window instead of sides. These are beautiful shutters that suit homes of Cottage, Ranch or Cape Cod style.

Choice of shutters

It is important to choose shutters that can suit your decor but at the same time should be durable and easy to maintain. Here are some materials that can be maintained well and can last long.
  • Synthetic foam looks expensive like wood but cost less and are resistant to fire and water.
  • Plastics are cheaper and do not look that good as with time the color fade. But these are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Vinyl shutters are cheapest and the most convenient to clean with liquid detergent and warm water.
  • Wood can look beautiful but can cost a lot. These can be maintained by dusting and can be painted at regular interval. 
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