Different Styles that Can Be Used in a Stone Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace act as the central point of attraction irrespective of the interior decor. A stone fireplace surrounds looks awesome if painted in white. Adding a stone fireplace surrounds revamps the look of that particular room in the house.
Stone Fireplace Surrounds
Stone Fireplace Surrounds 

Some of The Different Styles of Stone Fireplace Surrounds that Can be Used are as Below: 

  • Cobblestone Fireplace Surrounds Frame: Without a doubt, the stone fireplace surrounds has an amazing potential to enhance the beauty of the house interior. A cobblestone fireplace surrounds provides an old rustic look to the entire living area where the fireplace is installed. Also, this type of fireplace creates a beach like atmosphere to the interior setting.
  • A Multi-functional Stone Fireplace Surrounds: A stone fireplace surrounds with a cut out arc adds a magical feel to the room. Also, there is a small storage place in this area that adds a tinge of sophistication to the entire setting.
  • No-Mantel Fireplace: This type of stone fireplace surrounds, as the name suggests, does not have a mantel. Due to the absence of the mantel, the user can add a thick coat of paint and make book shelves around the fireplace to add a touch of elegance and class to the room that houses the fireplace.
  • Country Fireplace: This type of fireplace contains a wooden mantel and adds a level of rustic charm to the room where the fireplace is installed. Also, this stone blends with the overall setting of every kind of interior decor.
  • Twisted Designs in Fireplace: This type of fireplace is very creative by nature. The stones are arranged in a way that they look like the outer surface of a whirlwind around the beam of the room where the fireplace is installed.
  • Big Stone Fireplace Surrounds: Using big stones provide a charismatic aura to the place. I feel it's an interesting element that can be added to any house. It combines traditional as well as a contemporary look to the concerned place. These fireplaces fit very well in cabins and also adds a touch of class to the interior.
  • Outdoor Fireplace: An outdoor stone fireplace surrounds has the potential to look more natural than any type of indoor stone fireplace surrounds because of its ability to blend in with the natural surroundings. The outdoor fireplace can also bring in the sense of coziness to the entire set. 
Fireplace Surrounds Melbourne
Fireplace Surrounds

Questions to Ask While Selecting a Stone Fireplace Surrounds 

Choosing a right kind of fireplace can be a challenging proposition for any kind of home. Hence, it is essential for the prospective customer to ask certain questions while selecting a fireplace. Some of these questions are -

Q 1. Does the Fireplace Need Gas? 

Usually many people ponder the need for a gas-type of fireplace because of its ability to generate instant heat and energy. While some people prefer the conventional way of burning wood to generate heat. Hence, the first question that must be asked by a prospective customer is whether to go for conventional or a modern type of gas fireplace. Though, modern fireplace is always a better idea because of its eco-friendly concept.

Q 2. What Kind of Faux Stone Should be Used? 

After deciding on whether the fireplace needs gas, the next step is to choose the right kind of faux stone that forms the exterior design of the fireplace. A faux stone looks like a stone but is made up of concrete. Also, this stone is colored and made to look like the stones that are available in the environment. Selecting the right kind of stones is required because it forms the foundation of the fireplace.

Overall, a stone will look great in any room. Even though such fireplaces cost a little more than the other types of fireplaces, the value it adds to the interior decor is definitely worth it.
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