How to Find Out a Good Dog Boarding Kennel

Pets are precious possessions. We all love to carry our darling pets wherever we go. But unfortunately cannot be possible at all the time. There are many places where we are not allowed to take our pets along with us. But again, you cannot go for a vacation and enjoy it until you are sure that you are leaving your dog in a good dog boarding kennel. There are various kinds of dog boarding kennel. But you cannot just leave your dog just anywhere. You need to make sure that the place where you are leaving your dear pet is the best. So you need to do some research in order to find out the best boarding kennel for your dog. There are few important pointers mentioned below to find the most suitable dog boarding kennel.

A good dog boarding kennel will have the following:
  • When you leave your dog in a dog boarding kennel, your dog will not feel happy to be away from you. Hence, the place where you leave him or her should be able to provide your pet ample comfort and warmth so that your absence does not become painful for your dog. Proper attention and supervision becomes very important in such scenario.
  • The dog boarding kennel has to be very well-maintained, clean, and disinfected. You should check whether the staff in the boarding kennel maintains proper cleanliness. Things that you should look at a glance are ample sunlight, space, tidiness, and a friendly and inviting atmosphere. There should be enough space so that your dog can enjoy an exclusive space.
  • You have to see the kinds of dogs that are already kept there in the boarding kennel. The way they are treated, maintained, cared would give you a fair idea. Moreover, you should also see whether the dogs in the boarding look stressed or relaxed. After all, you cannot take any chance with the comfort and happiness of your darling one. In case a dog becomes unnecessarily stressed while staying in a kennel, it can lead to obvious diseases and illness.
  • One more important aspect with regard to a good dog boarding kennel is the attitude and behavior of the staff. You should check that the staffs are polite, well-mannered, compassionate and affectionate.  Moreover, you must also check whether there are enough staff members in the kennel to give exclusive attention to your pet.
The kind of dog boarding kennel you should avoid:
  • Your dog would not feel very comfortable with unfamiliar people. A kennel where the staff is not of a caring nature will never be the right place to leave your dog. Your dog might get unduly stressed and might even go into depression.
  • Lack of cleanliness and hygiene can expose your dog to microorganisms which could prove hazardous to his health. Kennel cough is one such problem that easily gets transferred from one dog to another. Hence, an improperly maintained dog boarding kennel should always be avoided.
  • A reputable dog boarding kennel would never stop you from inspecting it before you leave your dog there. If they stop you from inspecting the kennel, it is likely to have problems in its management. Hence, it can never be something suitable for your dog.
Your dog is like your child that cannot speak but feel everything. Be careful to treat it with respect and care. When you leave it and go out, it should never feel that its importance has reduced in your life. So choosing a good dog boarding kennel becomes very important for satisfying your dog’s needs, and your heart.

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