Roller Shutters – Different Types and Various Applications

Roller shutters are also known as sectional overhead doors or roller doors. This is a type of window or door shutter with many horizontal slats or bars hinged together. They may also consist web systems. This type of door is raised up to open and lowered to close. There are also motorized roller shutters which are very effective, especially for large sized windows or doors. The main purpose of installing shutters it to get good protection against rain and wind. They are mainly used in front of the window to prevent any burglary or vandalism attempts.

Applications of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are used for various purposes and their applications are ample. They are used for garages, vans, kitchens, prisons, warehouses, schools and more. The inherent benefits of security have also made many local governments to subsidize for these shutters. It is not only for commercial purposes, but also widely used for residential purposes. They are hugely used in places that are exposed very frequently to changing weather, as they give best insulation and protect doors and windows from hail damages.
Types of Roller Shutters
All types of shutters are made of mild steel, galvanized, Cold Rolled, GI Vision, Aluminum, Powder coated and stainless steel. Here follows some main types:

Built – on and Built- in Roller doors:

In built-on type, the roller shutter box is fixed to the exterior region of building facade, whereas, with built –in, the box is built into lintel above window.

Integrated shutter

Here both the window and shutter are combined as a single unit.

Shutter featured with tilting laths 

This type comes with a plank to tilt, which is similar to external venetian blinds.


This roller shutter can be operated manually. It features a gear drive from shutter traced through building façade to joint on the room side. It can be operated using a winding handle. There is also manual tape type in which, tape drive around the flange on roller is traced with a pulley to roll on the room side.


Electric type is fitted with tubular motor within roller. It can also be operated automatically by installing automatic system.

Some of the other notable types of rolling shutters are:

  • Push and Pull shutters:
  • This is operated manually and is highly durable too. It requires low maintenance and functions as steel wall. It gives better protection against theft. Push and pull is an ideal choice for stores, shops, garages and warehouses.
  • Grill Rolling:
  • This is made of round bar steel and serves as ideal choices for showrooms and shops with display windows. Moreover, grill type serves for security and ventilation purpose. It is also possible to motorize for simple and smooth operation effortlessly.
Perforated Rolling
This is an economic option with practical closures. This serves as a best choice for large or small openings such as, display area or shop fronts. It contains interlocking perforated galvanized steel laths, which is locked together by plastic or steel end locks. This type is a combination of grille and shutter that provides better protection with good visual appeal. It can balance both display and security purpose significantly and features aesthetic exterior.

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