Utilities of Evaporative Cooling Systems

The process of evaporation and cooling takes place in nature all the time especially when the temperature is high. Each time your body feels the heat, it perspires or sweat that then evaporates from the surface cooling your skin and consequently the entire body. The process of evaporation of the sweat occurs by taking the heat from the body and thus the cooling effect. This principle is used to cool rooms and buildings by making use of a set of heat exchange systems. In these systems, as the water evaporates, the surrounding atmosphere loses energy thus reducing it’s temperature. 
Evaporative Cooling Systems
Evaporative Cooling Systems

The heating process and the associated method of ventilation: 
Each time you experience the coolness of a heating, ventilating and cooling systems, think of it as the cool sea breeze that blows from the ocean or the river making you comfortable. 
  • The simple evaporative cooling systems work pretty much the same way where hot air enters the cooling unit wherever in the room it is fittedand this air is cooled as it passes through the moistened pads.
  • In these models a pump circulates the water kept in a reservoir onto the cooling pad that in turn becomes wet.
  • Simultaneously a fan draws the air from the atmosphere outside onto the moisture pad. As this warm air passes over the moistened pad, the water on the pad absorbs some of the heat of the air and evaporates causing the air to cool.
  • Effective cooling by this system can be ensured when the cooling pad always remains saturated with water and motor and the fan capacity are in proportion the size of the area to be cooled.
What are the advantages of evaporative cooling system? 
Evaporative Cooler
Evaporative Cooler

This system of cooling is gaining popularity especially in places with low humidity as it has several benefits over the traditional air-conditioning systems. It can provide effective cooling even in the harshest of climatic conditions and also has a host of advantages that are hard to ignore.
  • Firstly, the purchase and the installation costs of these systems are very low when compared to conventional air conditioners.
  • You can have access to hundred percent fresh airs as the doors and windows can be left open with the fresh air being cooled continually.
  • You do not have to worry about the clogged ducts that can end up circulating impure air and cause allergy and asthma among both humans as well as pets.
  • You can be assured of full ventilation in your house while it remains cool with the help of the evaporative cooling system and have a home that is free of stale air and also odour free.
  • The full circulation of the air also helps in keeping the insects and the internal dusts out of the room.
  • This cooling system does not cause the air to be robbed of moisture like the conventional air conditioners that leave the skin and the eyes dry and itchy.
  • The cost of running and maintenance are very low that saves substantially on energy and intricate servicing costs.
The refrigerant variant 
The other type of evaporative cooling makes use of the refrigerants and has a more complex working system. This system consists of several heat exchangers and that are attached to the refrigerants. The air handlers that pick up the heat of the building and the atmosphere boil the refrigerant from the liquid to the vapor state. Water from the cooling tower that is circulated around the refrigerant vapor that is then condensed and the heat transferred to the water. The water that returns, is then sprayed over the fill that provides the surface to exchange heat between the water and cool air circulates in the room under the influence of evaporation on the fill.

Hope the above mentioned advantages will help you to find the best evaporative cooling system for your place! Keep in touch to get more important information about evaporative cooling.
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