Aluminum Security Doors – The Impenetrable Access

Security Doors are indispensable for the overall safety aspect of a household and particularly it is the front door. These mostly come in a standard size when it comes to protecting your home. Door frames are standardized to be of 19.2mm thick. The diamond grills are around 7mm. These are definitely pleasing to the eye and provide you with the comfort of safety around your house at all times.

aluminum security doors
Aluminium security doors
Aluminum Security Doors – Features 

  • Aluminum security doors come equipped with fiber mesh and an automated door closer. These pertain to hinged doors only. Usually, there is a bug strip a latch lock and this is accompanied by two keys, these are typical of standardized products
  • The aluminum security doors are open to customizations and deviations from the standard models depending on individual requirements and preferences.
  • Generally, these aluminum security doors come with a fifteen year warranty.
  • Unique to individual needs and requirements these can also be procured in a variety of colors to suit your house
  • Moore protection by means of triple lock protection
  • Door closers can also be procured which are automatic
  • Mesh types are available in numerous assortments. The same goes for fiberglass, paw proof, aluminum, etc.
  • These are protected against corrosion too. 

Important things to consider before installing aluminum security door for your home
One of the most important factors is the aesthetic value that it provides. One cannot have a beautiful house protected by the most grotesque looking porch door. Aluminum security doors are good looking while effectively providing you security. Aluminum security doors are non-corrosive and durable as well. These doors require less maintenance and re installations. These let natural lighting in and keep the crooks out by means of their double lock and triple lock systems. It is preferable to pick a company that is famed for its consultancy service and its maintenance schemes too. This saves lot of costs in the future. The frame should have a deeper receiver channel. This is imperative so that the edge cannot be easily pushed out by any crooks or thieves at any cost. Hence, it is necessary that the connection should be sturdy. 

security doors
Security doors
A security door is more strong and impenetrable if the corner joints are fully welded. Company reputation is very important while purchasing aluminum security doors. Try to find out the goodwill of the companies that sells such doors. How long these companies have been in this business , the number of complaints registered with them, the quality of the doors that is provided by them and finally the warranty and the maintenance plans that is given in addition to the installation of the doors.

Safety and security is provided relating to all aspects. Fire safety is a very important part of this. The door should be designed in a way that can keep out destructive forces and at the same time it should allow easy exit in case of a fire or any other emergency during which the residents may require to get out of the house fast.Aluminum security doors are slightly more expensive than steel. However, these are much more effective than steel doors. A door that is completely equipped with triple protection locks and has great aesthetic value will be more expensive in comparison to a basic security door with mediocre looks. 

Browse the internet and you have to decide what suits you the best go in for a door that best meets your budget. This is a long term investment for protection of your assets and there can be no compromise as far as safety, security and peace of mind is concerned!
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