Accelerate The Aesthetic Beauty Of Your Home With Designer Luxury Kitchens

Building a home is a dream comes true for every individual. That apart in most cases the woman, in a few the man himself would have started planning how she wants her kitchen. The cabinets they may need, space for the electrical appliances, where to cook, where to chop, where to serve – everything would be already chalked out. This need arises from the fact that they would be spending considerable amount of their time in the kitchen and spend bright morning serving breakfast for their families or enjoy thanks giving dinners around their dining table.
luxury kitchens melbourne
Luxury Kitchens

What are the basic steps to design a luxury kitchen?

  • finalizing layout for your kitchen
  • Designating places for your various electrical appliances
  • Determining how much space will go into your chinaware
  • Determining how much space will go into your everyday items
  • Determining a place for the sink, your hob, stove etc
  • working through plumbing and electrical configurations;
  • Selecting materials, the wood, tiles, taps, sinks and so much more. 
You can design a luxury kitchen with sleek surface, black or white marble countertops, laminated gloss surfaces for the cabinet doors or if you like woody finish check she shams or cherry wood cabinets can pep up the look of your kitchen. Brass or zinc handles for the wooden drawer handles can give your kitchen a contemporary look. You can also experiment with the color of the cabinets.

Make space for a bar counter or for a coffee bar in the kitchen:

How about a cute bar counter or a built-in coffee bar? How about a premium refrigerator to store all your vegetables and fruits along with your beer, juice or milk? The new version of the refrigerator also has a water and ice cube dispenser from the outside of the fridge door. This addition would be especially fun when you have a party in your house and your friends would enjoy scotch on the rocks in a chic way. 
custom kitchens melbourne
Custom Kitchens

 Some popular choices of luxury kitchens are:

  • Cottage-style kitchens
  • Kitchens with sophisticated dark wood cabinetry
  • French kitchen: Mostly the color themes are yellow and bright blue based.
  • Tuscan Kitchens: They use marble countertops and mostly neutral color palette.

Spending lavishly on everything that you need keeping the style quotient in mind:

  • Choose the best marble for the job Spend on the best marble that you can use in the kitchen, floor and countertops.
  • Insist on different sized custom made cabinets Well, you may want to give up on the next expensive dress or that leather jacket you have been eyeing for. But not on the custom made cabinets for your luxury kitchen. You will have ample space to store all your kitchen utensils, china ware, silver ware, and electrical appliances etc.  Go for different sized cabinets.
  • Splurge is the mantra If you don’t splurge on luxury kitchen appliances it doesn’t deserve to be called a luxury kitchen. When you have spent lavishly on everything don’t shy away buying the best appliances available. Make your kitchen not just a luxury kitchen but a smart kitchen. 
Designer Kitchens Melbourne
Designer Kitchens
Your kitchen is the heart of your home where you cook or have dinner with your family. You will pass on this tradition to your children who will proudly remember you for the class and style that you have passed on to them.  You can add a designer to team up with the interior decorator and they can save you the trouble you will have to undergo thinking of great ideas and running around or meeting people who provide materials for your kitchen. Just sit back and relax! 

Do you want to know more about luxury kitchens? Let’s go to the details for getting more information.
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