Tips To Get the Best Tens Machine in the Market

While buying the tens machine in the market, you need to have few things in mind. It is in fact called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device that is able to resolve the case of inflammation by sending electrical impulses to the troubled spot. When you are looking for such product use the following tips:
Tens Machine
Tens Machine
The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine that you are purchasing should be able to effectively prevent and eliminate muscle atrophy. It is the problem that can occur after the surgery and would result in the loss of muscular movement. Once the device kicks into action, it helps to boost the blood supply to the affected part, thereby providing relief.

Size of the Tens unit:
Buyers looking for value for money purchase may prefer the small machine that has LCD panel to boot. One of the most important advice for the first time buyers is that they should not go by the appearance of the device but focus on its attributes to remove pain.

Programs and Channels:
The high-quality machine should have as many modes as possible to select the desired programs. For instance, Burst, Normal, modulation, SD1 and SD2 play an important role in checking the efficiency of the product. In addition, Intensity, pulse width and frequency need to be present in the device to provide not only improved performance but also increased flexibility to the users.
Tens Machine
Tens Machine
Presence of the timing function:
Tens unit should be capable enough so that the duration of the session is programmed in advance. It provides lots of options to the users as they can increase and decrease the timing according to the requirements and specifications.

Use the reviews:
If you do not have any source of information, read the reviews in detail and try to find whether the Tens unit meets your expectations. In high-quality machines, there are two protective covers provided to the users so that the dials that are used to adjust the intensity are secured. They correspond to each channel and help the patients to easily operate the device.

Easy user interface:
One of the most important aspects that should be looked into a cutting edge technology machine is that it should have a user-friendly interface that can be customized on a fly. In addition, complete instruction manual is provided to the patients so that they can completely understand the faces of the product.
Control buttons for usage need to be present at strategic locations for easy access. Well rounded devices have the feature of countdown timer that provides information about the duration of the remaining treatment. Due to the presence of LCD display, it is also possible to view the pulse mode and the frequency at which the device is operating.
Tens Machine
Tens Machine
Battery life:
The battery life of the device plays an important role in ascertaining whether it provides the benchmark quality. Powered by 9V battery, the device works for a very long time and provides impeccable output to the patients. Generally, the standby time of 12 hours is sufficient for the patient to get high-quality services.

Prior to purchasing the device, you should make sure that it can be easily carried from one place to another. A huge device no matter how capable it is may not be preferred by the users because it is not portable. A small compact machine with 360-degree attributes is popular in the market as they meet the requirements of the customers.

Warranty scheme:
Devices should also provide a warranty to the users so that defective products can be replaced. It is important to read the specifications in detail before purchase.

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