Important Facts That People Need To Know About the Air Conditioning System

Air conditioners are now considered as an essential appliance in all the buildings, during the hot summer days of all the tropical and temperate countries; while its rapid use is required throughout the year in the equatorial countries of the world. This highly useful machine was invented in the last century, in America and soon it became popular all over the country and then throughout the world.

The mechanism of the air conditioning system is similar to that of a refrigerator and it removes all the warm air of the room, replacing with the cooled air that is produced by the action of the compressor. But unlike the refrigerator, it does not release the hot air into the outer environment; rather it turns the water vapor of that air into water drops, which flows out of the system. The dry air is then cooled and recycled into the room, thus lowering the room temperature and providing comfort to the residents.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Points to be noted while buying air conditioning system for home or office
The air conditioner is a very costly appliance and thus, the buyer needs to be very careful while choosing any particular brand of this machine, to avoid any problem later on. So he/she needs to follow certain guidelines that can ascertain the purchase of the best air conditioning system.
  • Define the size of the air conditioner: The buyer must calculate the size or the weight of the air conditioner machine, from the size of the room where it is supposed to be installed. The larger machine with more weight is needed for a large sized room, while a small room can be cooled enough with a small or medium sized machine. But the size of the machine also indirectly depends on the number of people staying in that room and the amount of furniture or electrical appliances kept in that place.
  • Check the efficiency of the machine: The efficiency of an air conditioner machine is usually judged by the amount of energy consumed by that appliance. In many countries, the air conditioners that are found to be requiring very less energy are certified as energy efficient and specially marked with Efficiency Rating Stars or Energy Efficiency Ratio, which the buyer should check before buying the machine. The machine that is satisfactorily energy efficient will help in lowering the electric bills of the owner. Also, the capacity of the air conditioner to remove the amount of heat from the room should be checked, which is supposed to be mentioned on each machine.
  • Know about the warranty period: Every machine is liable for any sudden breakdown or any defect can be detected in the machine, soon after the installation. Hence, it is necessary to know about the amount of warranty period, offered by the manufacturer company of the chosen air conditioner; so that any problem of that machine can be rectified for free, during that period.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
The steps that can be taken for proper maintenance of the air conditioner
Like many other appliances, an air conditioner also requires regular servicing, to keep it in functional order, which should be done by an expert professional of this field.
  • Usually, the filters of the machine that block the dust particles of the air should be cleaned at regular intervals, to keep them operational.
  • Moreover, the ducts leading outside of the room should be checked periodically, to detect any leakage that may slow the cooling process of the machine.
  • The cooling coils also should be checked after the winter, before starting the use of air conditioner again, to clean it from all kinds of obstructions.
  • The degree of the cooling effect should be checked carefully and if it is found to be lesser than before, the machine may require the addition of refrigerant, to get the proper cooling again.
Many of us still do not perfectly understand the function and operation of air conditioning system that is used to cool down the temperature of any residential or office building. AC not only releases cool air, but as the name suggests, it also conditions the air in the room and removes pollutants, allergens and bacterial odour from the air and leaves you with fresh, oxygenated air to breathe in. Before purchasing air conditioning unit, it is important to know its relevant facts and functioning to make a confident decision.

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