Benefits of Installing Timber Doors at Home before giving out on rent

Everyone desires to impart a classy look to their homes, which can be greatly achieved by renovating the main door of the house. The installation of the timber doors at the main entrance gives an elegant appearance to the house, as well as the strength of this hardwood gives better security to the home. There are several advantages of installing these wooden doors for which the house owners can increase the amount of rent for their probable tenants.
The installation of the timber-made doors depend on many factors; like the climatic conditions of the places, lifestyle of the house occupants, interior designs of the house and the budget of the house owners. It is better to check all these deciding aspects, before proceeding for installing these doors. Apart from the solid wooden doors, door frames are also often made of timber.


  • GOOD INSULATORS – Wood is a very good insulator and thus, the timber-made doors are not at all affected by the changes in the atmospheric temperatures. They save the rooms from outdoor temperatures and help to retain the comfortable temperatures of the indoor. This insulating power is also useful in barring the unwanted noise from disturbing the family members.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT – Since timber is a purely natural product, it is eco-friendly in nature and does not cause any harm to the health of the house occupants or to its surrounding. This energy efficiency of these doors helps in saving a lot of money of the house owners, in the form of lesser amounts in the utility bills. Moreover, the timbers of these doors are renewable in nature, when damaged for any reason. Some doors are made to be carbon neutral, so that the surrounding air remains free from excess carbon dioxide.
  • HIGH DURABILITY – These thick wooden doors are highly durable in nature, owing to the strength and the great longevity of the timber, which is considered as one of the best quality wood that is used in making doors and windows. Some high quality timber doors are seen to be lasting more than the lifetime of the actual house owner and even continue to be in a good state for generations.
  • VERY LOW MAINTENANCE – The homemakers do not need to spend extra time in taking  its care, except for occasional cleansing with a soft cloth, as wood is a sturdy material with very less requirement of maintenance.  The wood also cannot be damaged from the rust, unlike the metal parts. The timber does not develop any crack or warp easily. In extreme cold weathers, the cold moist air cannot condense over the wooden doors and thus, the doors remain free from the condensed water droplets.
  • SAFE FOR THE RESIDENTS – As the timber-made doors cannot be broken down or cut open easily, even with heaviest or sharpest tools; the house occupants consider themselves to be better secured from any chance of burglary, for which the house rent can be enhanced.
  • CAN BE DESIGNED OR DECORATED ANY WAY – The skilled craftsmen can produce any admirable design over the timber panels of the doors, as wood can be easily curved and designed. These door panels can also be colored in any hue, as per the choice of the house occupants, thus creating beautiful doorways, leading to the increase in house rent by the owners, due to the attractive appearance of the house.

This material is atop choice because of its  above listed benefits.
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