Tips on 5 Questions to Ask to Your Plumber

A good plumber is important when you should take care of a remodeling or building project. When you have a major problem with your plumbing system, you need to invest some time in finding a suitable plumbing contractor who can save you many hassles. Before hiring, you need to ask quite a few important questions to your plumber to know whether you are hiring a professional to handle your project.
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  1. Are you registered?
  2. You should ensure that the plumber is registered with an appropriate agency or authority. He should be licensed to operate and provide plumbing services in your area. Do not go for a plumber who is unable to show you a copy of the license documentation. With an unlicensed contractor, you can never be sure of the types of services to expect. There can be unnecessary delays and even high expenses, leading to wastage of time and money. Look for another contractor if your existing one hesitates to show you a copy of the license.
  3. Are you certified?
  4. It is definitely a safer choice to go with plumbers having the necessary certification from reputed organizations. Certified plumbers have the specialized training that is lacked by average workmen. The training helps certified professionals to take on projects that are larger and need more involvement. They have the specialized knowledge and skills to take care of intricate systems and projects that need the use of state-of-the-art tools and technology. If the plumber hesitates to show you a copy of his certification, you can look for another one.
  5. Can you provide me with references?
  6. If you have a major plumbing project that involves high expenses, you need a plumber who can provide you with references. A genuine and honest professional will always be ready to share the details of past clients with you. You should directly speak with them to know about the quality of services of the contractor. You may ask:
    • Were they happy with the services rendered by the plumber?
    • Was the job was completed in a timely fashion?
    • Were there any unexpected costs that they had to incur?
    • Would they like to recommend the plumber to you?
    • Will they hire the same plumber for their subsequent projects?
  7. Are you an experienced contractor?
    It is important to enquire from the contractor directly about his level of experience. Most of the plumbers are able to tackle small tasks, such as:
    • Small appliance installations
    • Small fixtures
    • Clogged drains
    • Leak repairs
    However, when it comes to bigger projects, it is essential for your contractor to have sufficient knowledge and experience to finish the task. You should ask the contractor to provide you with samples of past jobs that resemble your project in scope and size.
  8. How do you like to be paid?
    Where bigger projects are concerned, most professionals tend to charge after every project milestone that they complete. When they handle smaller projects, most of the plumbers expect to be paid after finishing the entire task. You should stay away from contractors who demand to be paid up front. Many plumbers who are unable to provide competitive services are interested in up-front payments. Even with certification, these professionals lack the skills and knowledge to handle bigger projects and often end up wasting the time and money of customers. Many of them have their official websites and social pages where customers post their feedback and reviews after services. You can check these and find out whether they are satisfied with the quality of services.
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