Facts You Need to Know About First Aid Course

Knowledge on First Aid can save someone’s life. First Aid is crucial in a number of accidents including burns, cuts, choking, electrical shocks, fevers, fractures and poisoning. In cases of snake bites, strokes and heart attacks first aid is utterly important. First Aid courses are formulated to help people learn to deal with these accidents. There are special courses designed to train people to handle crucial conditions by providing first aid to the injured. There have been many cases wherein the right first aid at the right time has saved many lives. Below mentioned are few of the facts that are related to first aid courses.

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First Aid Course
First Aid Course

Following are the eight facts about first aid course:

  1. A first aid course will help in saving one’s own and another’s life. It always takes some time for the doctor to arrive at the victim’s location or the victim himself to reach a doctor. If the victim himself or some person near him has knowledge of first aid, it will make a huge difference between life and death.
  2. A first aid course student will be taught that the source of the accident or the injury done to the victim will have to be stopped as soon as possible so that it does not cause any further damage to the victim’s health. For example, if the person is a victim of electric shock, the source of the electricity must be stopped immediately with the help of non-conducting objects like plastic, cardboard or wood.
  3. Time Management:  A first aid course will teach the students how to manage time and prioritize in a case of an emergency situation. A first aider tending to victims of fire explosions will need to know the burns and injuries to treat first and the burns that can wait. Some burns can be fatal and tending to them after tending to other burns can claim the life of a victim.
  4. The ABCs: According to Dr. Justin L. Kaplan, in the book: The Merck Manuals, the first aider should checks a victim’s ABC (airway, breathing and Circulation). Any troubles in these areas can be fatal if these are not corrected immediately.
  5. Proper Medical Knowledge: The first aid course should prioritize to teach its students proper courses of human anatomy and also the other important medical fact. A first aider must know the human blood circulation process, the structure and the settings of the bones and also how our cardiovascular system works.
  6. Mental Help to the Victim: Sometimes, the victim of an accident starts to panic and this may worsen the situation. A person providing first aid help must not make any comments to make victim even more afraid of his/her situation or behave rudely which can make the sufferer mentally weak. The first aider must keep up the spirits of the injured person.
  7. Addresses and contact numbers of doctors and medical clinics: A first aid cannot be a whole treatment in itself. It is the treatment given to the victim till he/she can be put under the treatment of a certified doctor. Thus, it is absolutely important that the first course provides the candidate with a plethora of contact numbers of doctors and medical clinics.
  8. Knowing the limitations:  A first aid course equips the student with right knowledge and training to help the victims but they must know their limitations and not do any further experiments with the burns and injuries before consulting a doctor. 
A first aid course need to be an essential subject in schools and colleges and everyone should learn to help a victim in cases of medical emergencies

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