Flexible Riser – Your Simplified Ground Water Pumping

The introduction of flexible pipes across the globe has made it easier to raise water from shallow flow line system. It can endure both horizontal and vertical movement. Previously it was used for connecting production equipment on the ship, but now it occupies a predominant position and it is used as a chief riser.
Flexible Riser
Flexible Riser
An overview of the equipment
There exist different kinds of riser. When it comes to flexible riser, they are robust and the installation process is also quite easy when compared with others. It is resistant to corrosion. It is also reusable. Moreover, this riser can be bed in together with the associated flow line. It has a uniform structure, but it varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. In order to guard the riser from getting over-bend at the time of installation, bend restrictors are used. It has been that a considerable improvement has taken place in the manufacturing process of the riser. Due to augmented competition among the manufacturers, the price of the riser has significantly reduced.
Working of the riser
It is important to know how the riser functions because it is an effective means of transferring materials to the production unit from the sea-bed.

Flexible Riser
Flexible Riser
  • The flexible riser is known for transferring material from sea floor to the production unit and vice-versa.
  • Risers can be both flexible and rigid. Risers’ transports produced hydrocarbons, injection fluids and gas lift.
  • For proper functioning of the flexible pipe, it needs to be accurately engineered.  It is easy to use. The flexible pipe is attached to the pump making use of parented couplings.
  • It is easily transportable.
  • The flexible pipes are essential components in offshore field development because they are exceptional in transferring power or fluids between buoys and subsea unit.
  • During the storm, the risers go through huge forceful deflection, but they remain in tension. Their behavior is considered to be mechanical than structural.
Specification and quality
The flexible pipe comprises of different layers. The chief machineries are leak proof and they have thermoplastic wall and steel wire resistant to rust. The steel wire gives pipe high-pressure resistance and exceptional bending uniqueness, hence giving flexibility.
  • The riser weighs about 220kgs.
  • It is resistant to salt water.
  • It is also resistant to iron bacteria.
  • The riser is well-matched with all submersible pumps.
  • Customized risers are also available.
  • It has a great longevity and lasts up to 20 years.
  • It has a polyurethane cover.
  • It also has woven polyester fabric.
  • It has specially engineered features.
  • Polyurethane lining gives a strong cover that eliminates separation.
Flexible Riser
Flexible Riser
Installation process of flexible pipes
Flexible pipes can be installed using crane, vehicle or hand, depending on the weight of the pump, access space and depth of the pipe. Flexible pipe can be appropriately installed using correct equipment following proper installation procedure. Installation using the crane is a most common process. It lifts the pipe properly. In order to make your flexible pipe work efficiently, you must look in to the following steps.
•    The coil of the hose needs to be rolled out, and electrical power cable should be attached to it.
•    Holding the pump properly riser and the coupling needs to be connected to the pump.
•    The clamp should be fixed above the coupling, and the pump must be raised in position.
•    The electrical cable can be easily attached to the riser.
•    Secure the flexible pipe using the second clamp and make use of the crane for lifting the hose.
•    The process must be continued till the installation gets completed.
•    Roller can also be used for installing but it depends on the space.
Thus, when you install flexible riser pipe, you should properly maintain it. Timely inspection and maintenance will make the riser function effectively. As far as the servicing is concerned, you must contact here to flexible pipe servicing professionals. They are experienced professionals and will provide great service.
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