Why Speed Humps are needed on Roads?

If you look at all possible traffic and speed controllers, speed humps serve the purpose in the best possible way. These humped structures, placed strategically at focal points can ensure that the vehicles reduce their speed so that accidents and mishaps can be prevented. You can find a lot of them near public spots so as to allow people to conveniently walk through and prevent any kind of issues due to speeding vehicles.
speed humps
speed humps
Speed humps are known to slow the vehicle and bring it to nearly 10-15% of its actual speed. This ensures that the driver is more in control of the vehicle and also the people crossing the road as safe. You will find them near hospitals, schools, gardens and other areas where a lot of people use the roads to access the institution or the building. With these humps, the traffic police also get a lot of assistance to ensure that the vehicles are not running making it very unsafe for people.

Evolution of the Speed Hump
speed bumps
speed bumps
In the older days these humps were created with concrete and asphalt, the two basic materials that are also use to build roads. However, these days you can find different versions of speed humps at different places. Some of the humps are engineered with steel and rubber while others are created with cables. The longevity and cost-effectiveness of these humps makes them a popular choice nowadays. While these may seem as extremely simple structures, they are actually a result of carefully derived engineering solutions so as to meet certain government approved standards. The intent is to have a simple structure that can be effective for a long duration of time with minimal maintenance.

These are various sizes, shapes and materials based on the requirements of specific area. They are made as per the needs of the area. It actually depends on the reduction in speed that is required after crossing the speed humps. Whether to reduce the vehicle speed instantly or gradually, this can be got by the customized widths and heights of speed humps.  There has been research work carried out in order to determine the effectiveness of these speed humps. They have effectively reduced collisions in the area by around 15% and also work as a speed check for vehicles.
rubber speed humps
rubber speed humps
Why rubber scores high as compared to concrete or asphalt speed humps?
In case you are of the thought about the better traffic reducing solution then instead of the traditional asphalt and concrete humps, rubber bumps are much better option. Rubber traffic and speed controlling devices are growing for a number of reasons. These are pre-designed so are simple to install.
The next benefit of these humps when compared to the concrete ones is that they are pre-shaped. As it is pre-shaped it can help save a lot of time as well as energy of the laborers to construct the calming device. Rubber humps have high visibility. The marking is made from the highly visible tapes that are visible easily from far and even at night. This makes driving safe. Also rubber is cheaper when compared to asphalt.
rubber speed bumps
Rubber speed humps are very sturdy and can even bear the large traffic volumes.  As compared to asphalt speed humps, rubber ones do not require much maintenance. Also, there is low expenditure on the maintenance of these humps and less labor since they are simple to install and then remove. If the road is getting paved again they can be removed and reinstalled with ease. So, it is wise to install rubber speed humps for long lasting use.

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