Why to go for proper air conditioning maintenance for keeping it last longer?

Air conditioners are the devices which are useful especially to alter and regulate the temperature according to the requirement of the user. At present, air conditioning devices are found in almost all the commercial, industrial as well residential areas and you can find the window and the split system of air conditioning. In order to get your device used for longer duration and to work perfectly throughout its service, there are couples of tips to be followed. The main important parts of the air conditioner are condenser and evaporator. 

air conditioning maintenance
air conditioning maintenance

Some important points for better maintenance of the air conditioner: 

The condenser unit is located outside the house probably on a concrete slab, whereas the evaporator is based above the furnace in the main duct junction. 
  • Make sure that these work properly as they are the essential parts to alter the temperature and if the device is working fine and the occupied space is not getting cool, it might be the problem with the distribution system.
  • The outer parts can be dusted and maintained by each user without seeking any expert advice but normally there can be dust, dirt and soot accumulation inside the condenser, which reduces its longevity. So you must call in the professionals in this case, to suggest to you about the maintenance tips and cleaning mechanism. 
  • The things to be considered to make an efficient running of the air conditioning system is regular cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils, as these are the parts which collect dirt quickly over their months and years usage. To avoid this it is always better to clean the evaporator coil of the system every year. It is much recommended to have proper service on regular interval and it has to be done by the professional expert only. There must not be any gap left in the room from where the air circulation can be possible, else it can create the feel that the air conditioner is not working efficiently and the room is not getting properly cooled.
The role of filters in maintenance: 

The main important maintenance task to be performed is either replacing the filters regularly or cleaning them, which makes your device to function efficiently. 

  • If the device has to run properly, then the filters need to be cleaned and maintained always, the filters which have been clogged with dirt and dust block the air and do not allow the system to distribute the same evenly, decreases the efficiency of the system. 
  • Replacement of the dirt filled filter with a new one will also lower the energy consumption by the air conditioner for a minimum of 5 to 15%. The other important thing to be noticed is the aluminum coil fins on the evaporator and condenser bent easily which blow the air flow, which prevents the distribution of air. So in order to get rid of this issue and to bring back those to almost normal position, the ‘fin comb’ which is usually available in all the air conditioning wholesaler outlets are used. 
  • Those who don’t spend on service have to pay higher cost for electric bill as well as parts as the air conditioner has to strain to work effectively and cool the area. There are lots of air conditioners in the market and many of them are also helpful to consume lesser electricity, as they are manufactured with the latest power saving technology. The price of the same may be a bit on higher side but at the same time the saving of electricity bill can adjust the costing of the air conditioner. 
air conditioning maintenance Seaford
Air Conditioning Maintenance Seaford

To have more cooling and lower electricity bill the maintenance of the air conditioner is an important task. We hope you found the above article useful and come again to explore your knowledge.

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