Airex Balance Pad – A Revolutionary Product In The True Sense!

Airex Balance pads are a revolutionary find. This is ideal for anyone who is interested in standing stability, mobility, some balance and also interested in the motor skills training. Joint stability is enhanced by means of this revolutionary product. This also brings about this unique stability by raking in moderate instability. 
Airex Balance Pad
Airex Balance Pad
  • Airex Balance Pads provide you with joint stability by using specialized foam which is used because it possesses a destabilizing property and hence are ideal for improving balance and your motor skills. This is also available in different versions that can make people choose which option will suit their needs the most.
  • This product is great for people who have weak feet as this helps them to regain balance and improve their walking skills. This is great for fitness freaks that make use of fitness regimes every day.
  • The Airex balance pads come with tear resistant foam that is conducive for allowing a person to use it for a very long time. The balance pads do not absorb water and hence are water proof.
  • These are available in numerous sizes and colors to suit your varying tastes and preferences.
  • These Airex balance pads are slip resistant and they provide pleasant feeling during trainings and foot stimulation. This is ideal for barefoot training. More and more muscles get exercised effectively by use of the Airex balance pads.
  • The specialized foam is used for these Airex balance pads are resistant to dust and grime and so these are extremely long lasting. It comprises an anti microbial check system which keeps the impending bacteria after a workout at bay.
Airex Balance Pad
Airex Balance Pad
Advantages of the Airex balance pads
  • This has a closed cell construction and it is great for stabilizing purposes. It’s got a flat non slip comfort and has great cushioning.
  • This has a micro bacterial filter and as such the balance pads are very clean and sanitized. This prevents fungal and bacterial growth.
  • This can be cleaned with great ease with the help of a damp cloth.
  • There are two versions to the Airex Balance pads. The XL version is characterized with more surface area while the Elite version has more anti slip comfort.
  • This not only helps you strengthen your muscles, but it also enables you to  have a good balance, develop motor skills and have a good workout thus boosting your entire immunity.
  • It is not very big and hence it is very easy to store the airex balance pads.
  • This comes in with anti fatigue properties that makes it conducive for more workout without you feeling tired and strenuous after each activity.
  • Training with the airex balance pads ensures that both the conditional and coordinative strengths are improved hand in hand. This is used for rehabilitation purposes due to its attributes. Again this is also used for sports activity and for recreational sports.
  • This comes with a handy box telling you how it should be used.

This is made out of very delicate material and so you need to make sure that there is no sharp object on it as these can easily tear the airex balance pads. Again, these pads smell strongly of vinyl and hence there are many customers who can’t stand the smell.

Tips on procuring the Airex Balance Pads
There are websites online that provide both the XL and the Elite version of the Airex Balance Pads. These can also be purchased at any retail sports outlet also. These are readily available at most outlets and on online stores also.

Do you like to know more about Airex Balance pad? Let’s go here for more additional information.
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