Combine Drapes With Curtains To Give A Magical Look

A curtain is used to obscure light and provide privacy, while the drapes contain lining or material that is attached to the back of the fabric that serves as curtain. It is usually heavier than the curtain and it serves to protect the fabric from harsh sunlight, artificial light and also the other elements. The drapes are sometimes pleated and they sometimes come without a pleat and give a much fuller, richer look to the surrounding area. If the window or sliding glass doors have minimal wall space around it, then it would be better to avoid drapes and go for curtain panels which take up less room.
Advantages of using drapes in home & office window
Listed below are the benefits of having drapes installed in the home and office.
  • This helps in keeping the room free from noises that come from outside especially from the neighbors or from the vehicles on the busy road.
  • The drapes keep sunlight out of the room and in this way prevents individual to wake up too early in the morning.
  • This provides a touch of elegance and grace to the room. Lovely free flowing drapes could be easily seen in the world class hotels and resorts as they impart a glamorous yet a classy look to the room. The same thing can also be used in homes and offices to get an elegant look.
  • This keeps the room cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months.
  • This can be easily installed and these require normal cleaning procedures. The vacuum cleaners come with a soft brush attachment and these are precisely designed for cleaning drapes. By means of this attachment, you can clean the drapes weekly, or at least every alternate week. This will help you in removing dust and dirt. Special care must be taken to vacuum along the frill at the top of the drapes, as dust is particularly likely to build up along this surface.
  • This protects the curtains from sun damage. In addition, cat proof drapes are also available that prevents the drapes from getting scratched by the cats or other pets.
  • A properly colored drape when used in office can offer a professional look and it can create a home like atmosphere in the office. Moreover, interlining can make the drapes look more formal and professional.
  • A sheer drape is light in weight and it can help the natural light to come in. However, the most important advantage of sheer drape is that it will let you see people from inside; however, they cannot see you from outside.
  • A sheer drape is made of 100% polyester or cotton polyester blends. They are relatively less pricey as compared to other variety of window coverings. It is one of the most inexpensive and versatile design investments that you can make in a room.
  • The custom made drapes or the Do It Yourself (DIY) drapes are also available in the market along with the readymade ones.
  • Drapes can be easily cleaned unlike the blinds and shades. They can be simply washed in the washing machine and can be dried by using dry cleaners. You can also use a hot steamer over drapes and clean them that way.  Whereas, blinds and shades need special cleaning solutions and involve much of the physical labor than that of the drapes.
  • Drapes are available in various styles and patterns such as CafĂ©, sheer, lace, Bishop Sleeve, Gathered. This allows the home owner and the office owner to choose a style of drapes accordingly to match the surrounding area’s ambience.
Thus, it can be concluded by stating that when curtains and combined with the drapes; they can offer a magical look to the room.
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