Reasons Why You Should Start Using LED Lights at Home

An LED light is a light-emitting diode semiconductor light source. It is p-n junction diode, which gives out light when it is activated. When suitable voltage is supplied, electrons are emitted and recombine within electron holes within the device releasing energy in the form of photons.

Every business is on the lookout for more energy efficient solution. So, switching to LED is the best way forward. For example, an incandescent light act as a provider of heat. Over 90% of the electricity is converted into heat by every incandescent bulb.  Fluorescents are a disadvantage because they are prone to breaking and when they break they give out toxic gases to the atmosphere. For many years, LEDs were considered to be high cost alternatives to the regular fluorescent bulb because they were available in dim color and were less flexible in nature.  
led lights melbourne
LED Lights

Fluorescent tubes do not save energy and create noise

Fluorescent tubes are known to make a lot of noise especially if they are being used for an extended period of time. They give out clicking sounds frequently and most annoyingly can produce a soft buzzing sound. Since these tubes are often used in office spaces, the sounds produced are distracting and reduces poverty. Most of the LEDs these days are trendy and app compatible; these lights can be controlled over a smartphone. Most importantly, all the new federal regulations have made LEDs inexpensive and simpler than ever for businesses to move to LEDs.

These lights have a longer life span; longer life span means a reduction in carbon emissions, which in turn reduces the replacements, fewer resources, fewer manufacturing resources, and overall conservation of resources.

Reasons why LED lights are used in household and in offices

  • These LED lights save a lot of electric power. They save 80% electric power when compared to incandescent bulbs; they save 75% electricity when compared to halogen lamps. Overall, LED lights are primarily used to save power and electricity.
  • They do not contain any hazardous gases, liquids, and solids that are considered to be toxic to the environment. In fact, when LED lights are recycled after a prolonged use, they do not pollute the environment in any way.
  • It is primarily used as automobile lights because it has proven to that it reduces the risk of car accidents by 15%.
  • Because of the cool light, they produce, LEDs are ideal for plant growth.
  • They are available in a number of different colors, styles and shades that can define the setting, style, look and everything based on the user’s requirement. Also, since the light coming out is cooler, there is no damaging effect on the eyes.
led lights
LED Lights

LED lights are now used as temperature gauge

When used as a temperature gage, LEDs can help in distinguishing hot water from cold water.
  • Since LED lights have no UV light they can eradicate the possibility of skin damage from human beings.
  • If the government uses these LED lights, they will improve the visibility on the roads.
  • Despite giving out cold light, LEDs offer a warm low very similar to the incandescent lights.
  • They can be easily installed, uninstalled, and won’t burn any material or human hands.
  • They can be easily maintained and you do not have to spend much on your monthly utility bills.
led lights
LED Lights
LEDs don’t flicker and can be dimmed. LEDs are preferred for outdoor use because they are completely rust proof. Since LEDs have a thick epoxy, they are very durable and are highly unlikely to break. Also, LED string lights have thicker wires, which reduce the possibility of them getting into a knotted mess.

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