Top 4 Easy Ways To Keep Drains Clog Free Before The Storm

If the drains are clogged or running slow, it means that a huge problem is going to arise. A clogged drainage system can affect your health, and it can also contaminate your normal water sources. So to avoid these issues, you need to hire some clogged drain cleaning services at the initial stage when the problem starts, and the professionals can easily investigate the drainage system and solve the issue instantly. The moment you figure out that your drain is clogged, you need to call your professional plumber to sort out the issue in the fastest way possible.


Tips to keep the drains free from clogs

There are certain tips that you have to keep in your mind so that your drains are clog free. Let us check out some of the points which are explained as follows. Have a quick look and understand them.

1. Check what you are flushing out: Everything cannot be flushed out. Parents should explain their kids that only human waste as well as toilet paper can be flushed and not other things including hair, wipes, pads, or others. Even small bits of paper, food particles, or such garbage should not be thrown into the sinks that will eventually result in clogged drains. Having strainers in bathrooms and kitchens is a must as it holds the particles from going inside the pipes. Apart from that plastics are the major concern for a clogged drain, because plastic can be deposited inside the drain, and it cannot be flushed out easily. In this case, if you find any clogged drain problems, then you can call the plumber and they will clear your drainage system with their advanced equipment's

2. Rinsing the pipes: you can pour some hot water with small amount of vinegar in your clogged drain to clean the accumulated dirt. But this process can provide you initial relief and you need to clean the full drainage system by hiring some plumbers only. It is one of the easy ways to keep the stormwater drain free from clogs and other unwanted things. Although it is not a complete solution but it is a good way to keep the pipe systems free, clean and clear. If you are unable to run hot water then you can seek help from an expert to run boiled water.
3. Don’t let grease get into the drains: We often overlook the fact that not everything must be drained out and commit a huge mistake of draining grease from cooking or from other activities. When the grease gets hard into the pipes then removing it can be a headache. This in turn will clog the stormwater drains of the house leading to a huge trouble. So, be careful and do not let the grease flow into the pipes.

4. Buy a good auger: Even after being so careful, we tend to make mistakes. However, minor problems can be solved by using an auger. You need to learn using it in a right way. You need to wear some gloves while you clean your drain, because huge amount of bacterial gas forms inside the drain, and this gas evaporates from the open drainage system. Also do not push the auger toward the drain and try to plug out the as much as possible garbage from the drain. It is better to rely on the plumber to clean the drain in a professional way.

Now that you have a clear mind and have understood how to keep your drains clog free, try to remember them and also explain to your family members. Following good habits is necessary to have a clog free and of course a trouble free life. 
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